Hillside Smoke N’ Que Custom Smokers

Our first custom smoker build arose out of necessity to assist us in growing our catering business. A larger smoker was needed, and after a little thought we decided that we could build what we needed, ourselves.

The first build started as 250 gallon propane tank, and ended up as an offset wood burner that could handle 24 briskets! From there, we created our own gravity-fed charcoal cabinet-style smoker, capable of handling the same number, but easier to operate and manage during those long cooks.

When we were asked if we could cook a whole hog, it didn’t take long to decide that since we didn’t have a smoker in our fleet that was capable, we could certainly build one to do the job! It started with a 500 gallon propane tank, uniquely custom designed for this purpose, fueled by charcoal.

Growing up working on the farm, the idea of building what you need instead of buying it is not an unusual concept to us. It did not take long, for outside requests for custom built smokers to come in. No two builds are quite identical, since we create a smoker to suit your needs just like we did for ourselves.

Cabinet Pellet

Country 100 Giveaway Build Sept 2021

First One-Stick Burner

Pig Cooker

Stick Burner-Prairie Rose

Stumps Clone Cabinet

The Vault-In Progress


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